5 Markers of A Good Security Guard Company – What to Know

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Looking for a security guard company can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Whether it’s for a long-term service or for a particular short-term event, getting the best security guard company is necessary to keep everyone safe. Many security companies have various offerings and additional options, so filtering through them can take a while.

While searching Google for reviews is a definite part of the screening process, knowing a bit more about the security agency can also help you make that choice. When you know exactly what you need, all you have to look out for are the specifics of each security guard company’s services.

Here are five things you should look out for when hiring a security guard company.

They have proper licenses and insurance

If they don’t have the appropriate licenses and insurance policies, then don’t get them. It’s highly important to work with a security guard agency that has the appropriate licenses—else, they may not actually be fit to guarding anything!

Insurance is also incredibly important for your business. They should have the coverage levels which should appropriately fund your defense, if needed.

They provide advice and proper communication

Quality advice comes from experience. Without the proper experience, their advice and strategies will only come from book knowledge and prior-produced protocol; while these are useful, they aren’t as effective.

Getting advice rather than orders are also important. While they are experts, you are still the client, so asking you for your preferences should matter. For non-emergencies, the basic options should still have to be coursed through you. Your business’ interests still matter greatly, so their goal is to provide the best security given your needs.

Their focus should be prevention

Prevention is still the best type of security and safety. While having precautionary plans and contingencies are a requirement, their main focus should be the prevention of a security concern. Knowing they can handle anything in a time of crisis may be a major point, but the capability of preventing them before it happens is a major factor when looking into security guard companies.

They have different uniform options

While many don’t deem it necessary, having uniform options can help your security guard company to integrate with your business during events. Having a professional uniform is necessary, no doubt, but being able to have options for less intimidating uniforms may come in handy for different instances.

They provide a 24-hour service support hotline

Having an active 24-hour service support hotline is extremely useful, especially if your security service is new. In cases of emergency or questions, being able to contact a supervisor is a definite help. Although many concerns can wait until the morning or the next business day, finding yourself in an emergency situation may have this function extremely handy.


Finding the best security guard company for your business can be a time-consuming task, but looking into several factors may help you make the best choice. Looking for their professional decorum, their additional services, and their support options are merely some of the factors that can aid your decision process.

Are you looking for a reliable security guard company for long-term or short-term services? Get in touch with us today and allow us to find the best security details for you.

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