4 Ways to Assess Your Security Team’s Performance

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Businesses often employ a performance review at least once a year to ensure everyone is doing their part to push the company forward. It exposes areas that need improvement, but it also weeds out workers who fail to meet their responsibilities. 

Evaluating the employee’s progress with their assigned duties is critical since it ensures the company can maintain a standard, so it makes sense to observe a company’s security team. 

Security guards, for example, should be readily available to spot and respond to potential threats, but how can you determine if they’re still up to the task? Here’s how you can ensure your security measures remain effective: 

Tip #1: Check the Security Guard’s Schedule

The first thing to assess is your security team’s timeliness. There’s no point in having patrol guards on post-sites if they don’t attend to their role at the right time, so be sure to drop by and check their presence. Most companies use a patrol mobile app to automate the time clock system, which makes it easier to check their promptness when attending duties. 

Tip #2: Require a GPS Tracker for Every Patrol Guard 

Another way to take your security system to greater heights is by utilizing advanced technology like a GPS tracker. Requiring every patrol guard to carry one in their person can help you have an overview of their post, allowing you to see if they are completing their tours throughout your premises. 

Tip #3: Spot for Warning Signs of Negligence 

One of the common challenges with security guards is that many of them sleep on post-sites, which can compromise your entire safety measures and lead to a negative domino effect. A patrol guard that hits the snooze button in the middle of work will not only hurt your reputation, but it can also result in missed tour patrols, delays, and slow response to threats. 

Tip #4: Brush Up on Post Orders 

The best way to stay on top of your security team is to analyze their post orders, which should help you review their duties, and if they are meeting these assignments. Reading their reports can also provide valuable insight into the daily happenings in your premises. 

The Bottom Line: Maximizing the Company’s Security Team and Strategy 

Checking in on your security team’s performance is critical since they serve as the company’s first line of defense. A weak system will leave you, your employees, clients, and customers vulnerable to threats, so it’s worth evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of your security management to save your business from dealing with costly consequences down the line. 

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