4 Ways That Uniformed Security Personnel Make Your Workplace Safer

A uniformed security guard standing outside a building

Uniformed Security

Hiring security services in your workplace or business location is undoubtedly beneficial, if not, necessary for many reasons. However, there is still an ongoing debate on whether your security should be wearing their uniforms, or if they should be in plainclothes instead. While both methods have their merits, in this article we are going to talk about how having uniformed security may be better for you. 

Here are four reasons why having uniformed security guards is better for your establishment. 

Their Presence Alone Can Deter Crime

Uniforms are effective warning-signals to criminals in themselves, especially if there are more around. While having officers with no uniforms, it may help you catch a suspected wrongdoer in your midst but having a forceful presence brought about by uniformed men is more than enough protection most of the time. This is true because when planning for a crime, most criminals try to avoid as many obstacles as possible. 

For example, in most heist situations, a robust security presence is enough deterrent for robbers, and they will most likely choose to attack an establishment that has little to no security to minimize resistance. 

The Uniform Helps People Recognize Authority

Uniforms help people recognize the personnel’s tasks and responsibilities, and will often convince them to become more cooperative. This is especially true when security procedures have to include frisking and a thorough inspection of personal belongings. 

Because of the authority that the uniform brings, a marked patrol will also be more effective in dealing with emergency situations such as fires, earthquakes, and even hostage situations. 

While personnel in plainclothes may be able to attract discreetly as they try to neutralize a threat and thus minimize panic, a man in uniform will be far more effective in doing crowd control, especially if the situation involves evacuation of the whole building. 

They Make People Feel Safe

Just as marked patrols scare away criminals, the mere presence of the uniform can also make people feel safe. Knowing that there is enough security personnel always watching often gives the people the impression that a professional is always available to handle a security issue. Additionally, having uniformed people on-site also informs the people right away on who to talk to for their security concerns. 

Uniforms Boost Morale 

Providing uniforms not only helps civilians, but it also helps your personnel too. Having a bespoke and sharp-looking uniform will make your security guards feel that they are part of a unit. Uniforms encourage a team mentality and will foster an attitude of professionalism among your ranks. 


In truth, a combination of both plainclothes and uniformed security services should be present in your establishment to cover more ground. Uniformed personnel is more effective for crowd control and crime deterrence, while plainclothes personnel will be able to blend in the crowd, and catch wrongdoers in the act. However, if you can only choose one, then you will be much better off in most situations with uniformed personnel whose presence will make people feel safe, and make wrongdoers think twice before proceeding with their plans. 

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