4 Reasons You Should Hire Marked Patrols Over Unmarked Ones


Marked Patrol Officers

Having security personnel comes with various benefits. Generally, it makes a place much safer to be in and provides peace of mind to other people. That being said, if you are interested in hiring security to patrol your premises, you may have stumbled upon the terms “marked” and “unmarked” patrols. 

If you are unfamiliar with these terms, the words mark and unmarked simply refer to whether or not security personnel is wearing their security uniforms, driving in a marked car, and so on. A marked security officer would be uniform, while an unmarked one will be in plain clothes. 

For this article, we will focus on marked patrols and why they are a better choice than unmarked patrols.

Deters potential crime

When criminals look around an area to commit a crime and see a marked patrol, they will immediately second-guess what they are doing. Not wanting to get caught in the act, they might just leave and take their criminal intentions elsewhere. In other words, the sight of marked patrols is an excellent deterrent to criminal activity, meaning the problem is solved even before it has happened.

Higher security coverage

One downfall of unmarked patrols is that they tend to linger in certain spots. If they are spotted traveling up and down the same route repeatedly, someone will grow suspicious. With marked patrols, this is not a problem. They are free to go around ensuring that the place is in order. Plus, marked patrols enjoy visibility, meaning they do not have to be near an area to create an aura of security. Someone a few blocks down may spot them and stop their devious plans on the spot.

Conjures images of security

Anyone seeing a marked patrol, criminal or not, will feel their sense of authority, leading to well-behaved individuals—which means fewer people causing trouble, vandalizing property, or starting a fight just because they know security forces are patrolling the area. 

In a crisis, the aura of authority brought by marked security personnel can de-escalate the panic. Better yet, well-trained security personnel can manage any incidents until such time that first responders arrive. 

Creates an atmosphere of safety

With marked security forces patrolling your premises, you can create a sense of safety and security—leading to peace of mind, allowing other individuals to focus on enjoying the events at hand, completing their endeavors, or doing anything else free of worry. If trouble does spawn, security will be there to address it right away, keeping things under control. 


Marked patrols are an extremely effective way to keep your event, property, business, and other things safe. They offer you peace of mind by displaying themselves as an authoritative figure, ready to lay down the law to stop trouble from brewing and ruining everyone’s day. That being said, if you are looking to hire marked patrols, work with reliable and professional security companies that know what they are doing. Security is no easy job, and only the best can ensure you enjoy the safest environment possible.

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