3 Traits to Look for When Hiring Residential Security Guards

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Hire Residential Security

Suppose you’ve spent quite some time managing a homeowner’s association (HOA) or tending to its needs by carrying out administrative tasks. In this case, you should already be familiar with the fact that the position entails carrying out many different details. 

From maintenance-related tasks for plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems to building amenity restorations, the number of functions that any HOA takes on grows as tenant expectations rise. Among all the different parts of running association-related tasks in your property, hiring the right residential security guards is one that can never be overlooked.

Why your choice of security guards matter

Even when crime rates aren’t the highest in the country, opportunities to seek proper security and care with the right professionals’ help are an absolute must for any HOA. 

With the right security guards in place, any property’s residents can enjoy the safety and security that they need for comfortable living that will pay off in years to come. Apart from satisfying the needs of current tenants in your property, having the best security solutions in place also makes it far easier to attract potential renters or buyers so that the funding to improve your area keeps coming in!

What to look for when searching around for a service provider

For any first-timer, finding the right security solution for every homeowner’s needs can be nothing short of challenging, given the options and possibilities to consider. Yet, you can quickly navigate through the sea of service providers and find the right one that best suits your needs by watching out for these three traits: 

Trait #1: Fitness

Among all the different traits to watch out for when searching around for the right residential security guards for your area, physical and mental fitness are two that play critical roles in your protection.

Seeing that they’re bestowed with the responsibility of keeping a particular group of people safe, guards must be fit enough to prevent problems from escalating or chase down any perpetrators for crimes that occur on the property. On the other hand, a trained guard must also be mentally fit to take on various types of people daily in a way wherein they don’t compromise on their attitude or disgruntled tenants!

Trait #2: Training

One quick way to see whether or not a security firm is a cut above the rest is to inspect just how much training their security professionals receive. 

Specific skills like conflict diffusion, verbal communication, observation, tactical courses, and emergency evacuation facilitation, can all be trained with detailed directions and routine drilling. Silbar Security’s residential security guards, for instance, are trained in a full range of different skills to ensure that the residents in HOA communities are more than happy every year.

Trait #3: Critical thinking

Seeing that handling the security needs of various residents is a job that entails undergoing immense amounts of pressure, HOAs must get security guards who can think critically.

Being able to quickly reason is an absolute must for any security guard because it allows them to have greater control over their emotions while staying calm and assertive in emergencies and daily tasks. When you get a service provider that possesses this critical skill, you can assure yourself of quality service at every turn!


For any homeowner’s association, it is paramount that the security solutions available are up-to-par with what residents expect, which can be attained when searching around with the right traits in mind. If you’re looking for a residential security guard that’s guaranteed to keep your HOA communities in good hands, seek a professional that possesses the three crucial traits above!

We’re a professional security company that provides security patrol officers, event staff, and residential security guards for HOA communities. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can best fulfill your security-related needs!

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