3 Reasons to Hire Off-Duty Police Officers for Your Business Event – What to Know

A uniformed security guard standing outside a building

As one of the foremost ways to physically market one’s business with a high-risk, high-reward orientation, business events have become a source of successful companies dominating their industries.

Thanks to the power of persuasion and amazement in the context of building valuable relationships and opportunities, such events have grown more important and frequent in recent years. Given the intricate nature of business events, however, it is absolutely vital that every single detail is planned out, especially when it comes to security.

Similar to your caterer, invitation printer, host, location, and entertainment providers, the security that you hire can be the difference in how organized and safe your entire event can be. From the weeks leading up to the celebration to the second day after, security personnel will play an integral part in every stage of your event. This is why it essential to invest in a high-quality form of security for such occasions.

Fortunately, off-duty police officers can give your next event the security it needs to remain both enjoyable and beneficial for both you and your guests:

Why you should invest in off-duty police officers for your next event

Curious as to how law enforcement can help ensure all your hard work pays off? In this article, we will share with you three reasons off-duty police officers are the top-notch security solution that your business event needs to thrive:

Reason #1: They always equate to professional credibility


In the same way that you would invest in five-star catering or location, getting off-duty police officers to secure your event’s needs is a testament to the professionalism of your company.

When employees, clients, and potential customers notice that you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your event’s security, they’re guaranteed to see you in a more trustworthy light. Whether you’re trying to show appreciation for the hard work of your employees or are about to launch a new product, it pays to make a solid impression with top-tier security.

Reason #2: They can call for more reinforcements if there’s bigger trouble ahead


Despite the name itself, the title of an “off-duty” officer is quite the oxymoron because those in the police force never take a break from upholding justice. This means that they can always call for backup if trouble is too big for them to handle by themselves. It may not be your wish to ever have a dangerous situation happen at an upcoming business event, but having off-duty officers keep your event safe with reinforcements just a call away will always be reassuring.

Reason #3: They can deter or stop a crime before it even begins


Thanks to the commanding power that emanates off of the uniform and strict code of conduct each officer sticks to, your event can be a crime- and trouble-free thanks to the heightened sense of security. Long before potential criminals and troublemakers can begin to cause trouble, the sight of a uniformed officer will cause them to think twice and exit your event.


As one of the most important investments that you can ever make when piecing a business event together, hiring the services of off-duty police officers will always yield invaluable benefits no matter the occasion.

If you are planning an event and want to hire a security company in Virginia Beach, VA, to look over the safety of the attendees, then get in touch with us today to find out more about our services!

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